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There are many big businesses overseas that have to experience counterfeiting. Just like that electronic parts are also counterfeited by thieves to get huge sums of money in return. The sad reality of getting your PCBs counterfeited is that the user suffers the most after the product designers. It can lead to major troubling situations like affecting your electronic devices including mission-critical military systems like, thermal weapons sights, missile guidance systems, and aircraft.

Just like having fake money in pockets, there are counterfeited electronic components that are no less than to be labeled as fake and are circulating in the market. These components will not only destroy your system but also you’ll lose your money. Although there is no way to check whether a product is free from fraud, you can always have the option to reduce the risk of getting these fake parts to end up in your electronic devices.

Can Counterfeit Components Impact Me?

Most of the time, we do not realize that we have added a defective part or more like a counterfeit component in our device. You can only get to know what happened once you see your system failing brutally in front of your eyes.

To have counterfeit components in your electronic devices can impact your system severely. If you are a company with various projects running – you can lose thousands of dollars only to figure out what part of the device is counterfeited.

This is the reason, we have penned down these five simple ways that can assist you in reducing the risk of getting component fraud. You can easily identify and try to avoid counterfeit electronic components.

1. Source Components From Trusted Vendors

You need to look for trusted vendors to avoid investing in (or say losing money) getting counterfeit components. Ensure to search for a vendor after going through a proper vendor selection process to know the reputable suppliers around you. You can ask the vendors to provide their proven track record with assurance of best quality, reliability transparent sourcing practiced, and more. Give priority to vendors who are a perfect fit according to the approved vendor list and know how to meet the industry standards.

2. Inspect Packaging To Confirm Authenticity

You can look closely for the packaging these counterfeits come in. The thieves who sell such fraudulent products aren’t able to exactly copy the packaging of the original products. This can include spelling mistakes, logo misprinting, irregular serial numbers, or more. So, ensure to check and inspect the visuals of the packaging first to avoid buying these fake items.

3. Run Electrical And Software Tests

Sometimes, just inspecting the packaging of counterfeit components isn’t enough. You also need to make sure to have the necessary tests to figure out which product is fake. To detect whether an electronic part is counterfeited, you need to run software tests and electrical tests like measuring basic parameters including voltage in, voltage out, etc.

4. Perform An X-ray Inspection

An X-ray inspection will let you know the authenticity of an electrical component that you will invest your money in. You can look for various features like die structures, encapsulations, wire bonds, etc. These fake parts are inconsistent with their results, show irregularities, and often have severe defects in them.

5. Exercise Business Caution

You need to be cautious of the unrealistic pricing the vendors offer to you. If you get to see low-price tags on expensive electronic parts, that eventually means the vendor is just looting you by luring you with low prices. Use your intellect to differentiate between the original and fake products.

Final Thoughts

To protect your PCBs from Component fraud, and avoid investing in counterfeit components, follow the five easy ways we have mentioned in this article. Let us know which worked the best for you to identify the fake products. Lastly, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest details regarding counterfeit products – so you can avoid them as much as possible!