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PCB Assembly Specialists

PCB Assembly

We’re a full-service printed circuit board assembler located in Denver, Colorado. Our services include Prototype Assembly and Turnkey Assembly, as well as Consigned and Partially Consigned Assembly. 

We have three fully equipped production lines with a dedicated prototype line. We welcome all opportunities to build products you are passionate about within our vast scope of capabilities. As a flexible manufacturer we specialize in all volumes of orders, including high volume.

For over 35 years, our highly trained and committed staff has partnered with customers like you, to help them build the products they’re passionate about. We also use the industry-wide connections we’ve established over the years with reputable vendors to build products at very competitive rates.



Our Services

How to Panelize your Boards for Assembly

How to Panelize your Boards for Assembly

So you have managed to sketch the perfect printed circuit board (PCB) assembly design. You cautiously created a layout of your components and respective traces for optimal thermal and EMC/EMI considerations. You even ensured that your PCB fits perfectly and...

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Common Mistakes When Placing a PCB Assembly Order

Common Mistakes When Placing a PCB Assembly Order

PCB assembly is one of the major components on your purchase list if you are an owner of a company that manufactures or produces electronics products. Outsourcing some of your electronic components can turn out to be your worst nightmare if not handled...

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Fab and Assembly Drawing Standards

Fab and Assembly Drawing Standards

Both Fab and assembly drawings are useful to communicate various information to your vendors. The fabrication drawing contains information on how to build the printed circuit board (PCB). While your assembly drawing depicts details on how several components are going...

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The process was easy and fast. You guys killed it! The PCBA’s looked and worked great. Totally would recommend you guys.

-Jack Bear
Pritzker Prize Laureate 1989

Nowadays, it is rare to find vendors that provide quality products and exceptional delivery, all at a competitive price.  Nova possesses all of these attributes along with exceptional customer service. Thank you for all of your efforts.

– Evan Howell

We received the order on time and the boards are exactly as specified—excellent work! The order process was absolutely painless, and we had no holds or other issues. We will certainly continue to use Nova Engineering for future circuit board orders.

– Marcus Fields


Nova is a full-service printed circuit board assembler located in Denver, Colorado.