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What is turn-key assembly?

Nova purchases the raw PCB and all components then assembles the complete PCB. This can include testing as a separate item if requested.

What is consignment assembly?
This type of assembly is when the customer provides all components and raw PCB. However, in many cases we support a mixed project where the customer might supply all components and Nova procures the PCB or the customer provides some of the components and Nova procures the majority of components and PCB.
What is needed in order to do a quote?
A zip file with all gerber files (PCB layout), IPC or Gencad files of the PCB design, Bill of materials (BOM), assembly drawings as applicable and any special instructions.
What do you need to place an order?
After the quote is completed a Purchase Order matching the quote will get the order started.
What we do after an order is placed
We send a formal acknowledgment of the Purchase Order. We will stay in contact with the customer with updates on delivery. We will contact the customer with technical questions regarding components or alternates for approval or any questions from the PCB shop that require customer approval.
What do we do with leftover components?
We typically buy enough components to account for scrap from loading the SMT feeders. Components left over are not sufficient for another build but could be used for any necessary rework.
What are your minimums?
Typically 5 complete assemblies but we have built as few as 3 depending on cost and dimensions of PCB (i.e. PCB or array of PCBs needs to fit in the SMT machine conveyors (minimum 3.0” on one side).
What are the maximum number of components you can place?
There is no maximum. Some PCBs have a very large number of components of each part number. If the number of unique components exceeds the number of components that can be loaded on the front and back of a SMT machine we can use a tray loader for parts that are in a tray or we can use another machine. We often run into this scenario when the BOM has a very large number of line items.
What are your requirements for sending pcb components? (pcb kitting guidelines)

Resistors and Capacitors in cut tape form should be at least 100 or have at least 30 extra components than required for the number of assemblies to be completed by Nova.

1. BOM should have internal part #’s.

2. Parts need to have the internal part #’s on packaging with count written on labels.

3. For multiple assemblies, parts should be separated except for common parts. Do not have short strips for each common part. This will cause more parts to be lost during SMT feeder loading process.

4. Need 3 to 5 extra IC’s, connectors and other components (not resistors or capacitors)

5. Do not include components that are not supposed to be placed by Nova. Please indicate with “DNI” in BOM.

6. Supply a spreadsheet of a BOM, include inventory quantities sent to Nova for each part number. This will assist Nova in receiving the kit.

7. Kit the parts in appropriate packaging for delivery to Nova.

What is your guarantee/warranty?
90 days from date shipped.
How do you handle re-work and other problems?
If rework is required due to a customer design issue we help as much as possible or quote the rework job for material and labor.
How do you handle parts substitutions?
As mentioned above we can cross passive components (i.e. resistors and capacitors) but we will send the list of crossed components to the customer for approval. For other components we will ask the customer to provide an alternate. We do also help find alternate components that have the same form, fit and function.
Do you have electrical engineers that do the DFM analysis?
Yes. We perform DFM analysis on all assemblies and provide feedback to customers for their next design or if required changes before we manufacture the assembly.
Do you have a dedicated quick turn line?
Yes we do! We would love to quote your next quickturn job.
What kind of volumes can you handle?
We can handle prototype quantities and up to 10’s of thousands due to the latest high efficiency equipment.
Can you help us transition from prototype to volume?
Yes. We regularly help our customers transition their low volume prototype pcb assemblies into higher volume production quantities.
What should I expect with communicating with you?
We provide feedback with the initial quote and stay in constant communication regarding details about alternate components, delivery dates, changes or adjustments to the PCB fabrication. We provide the delivery date of the assembly.